Help! I need to give a speech! – 5 reasons why you should hire a speechwriter.

Fear - Dryhead on Flickr

“Can you give a speech?”

“But, I don’t know how to give a speech!” You say. “I hate public speaking? I wouldn’t know what to say.”

Your pleas fall on death ears. They’ve already decided. You’ll be giving a speech in front of all those people even if it kills you.

Your palms start to sweat as you imagine everything that can go wrong. What if you say the wrong thing and upset somebody? What if you forget to thank somebody? What if the crowd starts to boo?

You’re not alone. 3 out of 4 people are afraid of public speaking. But you can take a lot of the worry out of the big day by hiring a speechwriter and letting them do the worrying for you.

Here are 5 reasons to hire a speechwriter to do the hard work for you.

  1. Speechwriters are experts

    If you’re sick you go to your doctor. Or at least that’s what you should do. The last time I was sick I googled my illness instead.

    After 20 minutes I’d written a new will, said goodbye to my family and planned my funeral (I’ll be cremated to the stirring section of Ravel’s Bolero). Google had convinced me I was going to die.

    My doctor took one look at me and told me I had a sore throat. It was all rather embarrassing in retrospect.

    A lot of people use the same googling technique when they have to write a speech, looking for jokes, tips or speech outlines and end up with a speech that can cause tears in both themselves and their audience.

    Getting an expert involved right at the start can save hours of stress and bring about a much happier result. And you won’t even have to buy life insurance.

  2. Speechwriters let you focus on your strengths

    As a company CEO your job is to keep your company making a profit. As a Best Man your job is to organise a killer stag party. As a politician your job is to listen to the public and create new policy. Your job isn’t to write a speech.

    A speechwriter’s job is to write your speech. Why not let them do what they’re good at so you can get back to your strengths?

  3. Speechwriters help you stand out from the crowd

    Pretty much anyone can learn how to write a speech, just like pretty much anyone can learn how to drive a car. But that doesn’t mean that everyone should be in Formula 1.

    Speechwriter’s are the athletes of the public speaking world (and you should see the muscles in our typing fingers!).

    Hiring a speechwriter can you raise you above the mainstream and help you deliver speeches that people actually look forward to hearing!

  4. Speechwriters know what an audience wants

    Speechwriters devote their lives to understanding people. They know what people want to hear, what engages their interest and what scares them away.

    Hiring a speechwriter is like is hiring a therapist for your listeners. We know how to get the best from your audience and, so in turn, get the best audience for you.

  5. Speechwriters can take the blame if it all goes wrong

    Finally, if you hire a speechwriter, and the speech still goes wrong, you have someone else to blame for it. Speechwriters hold a tremendous amount of power in the public’s eyes, if a joke fails, if a speaker forgets their words or if someone has a seizure during the opening paragraph it’s very easy to blame every thing on the speechwriter.

    Just don’t sue us. We know how to deliver a great speech to the judge.

If you want to get it right first time round, save yourself time and stress, and deliver a speech that leaves your audience on their feet (to cheer you on I mean – not to storm out) then hiring a speechwriter might just be the best thing you ever do.

If nothing else, it can make things a lot less sweaty.

Picture by Dryhead on Flickr – Copyright 2010 – Used under Creative Commons


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