Why I am a speechwriter – My Manifesto

My Mission – To bring happiness into customer’s lives by empowering them to stand up and speak

How I will do this

I want to make people happy

My goal in life is to make people happy, to add a touch of joy to their lives and help them find their own strengths. In short – I want to change the world one life at a time.

People desire connections

Humans are social creatures. We define ourselves by others, by who we work with, who our friends are and by who we stand against. Social interaction is what makes us human.

Fear stops us from connecting

About two-thirds of the population list public speaking as their greatest fear. Yet this fear denies us an opportunity to connect with others, to entertain them, impress them or inspire them, and as such to re-define and improve ourselves.

Speeches should always be entertaining

Presentations and speeches don’t need to be boring. A good speech should be entertaining both for the audience and the speaker. If we can enjoy a speech we no longer have to fear it.

And so I help people connect and find their own happiness

By giving people words they can trust in, and the tools to stand up and talk, I empower them to connect with other people and bring that little bit more happiness into their own lives and the lives of their listeners.

What I am offering

  • A completely original speech for each and every customer, written with them, for them, and solely with them in mind.
  • The time to get to know each customer before I begin writing so I can shape each speech to suit them
  • The confidence to trust in the words i write and advice in how best to deliver them
  • A bespoke service with complete confidentially that allows my customers to take full credit on the day

Freelance Speeches – Changing the world one speech at a time.


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