How to make your next speech more popular than David Belisle’s Little League talk.

On the 18th April David Belisle’s little league team lost 7-8 in the world series to Illinois. He huddled his team together to give them a post-game speech. The players looked at the ground and tried their hardest not to cry.

At the time of writing that speech has been watched over 650,000 times.

His speech was not eloquent. He used filler words, broke off mid-sentence and made up most of the speech on the spot. It lasted less than 2 minutes from start to finish. And yet it has become one of the most watched speeches on the internet.

What was it about Belisle’s speech that made it a success? What were the magic ingredients that made it stand out and become something people had to see?

Here are 4 secrets from Belisle’s speech. And they’ll work for your speech too.

Team identity

“We fought. Look at the score. 8-7, 12-10 on hits. It came to the last out, we didn’t quit. That’s us! Boys, that’s us!”

Right at the start of his speech Belisle gives his team both a common identity and a call to action . The boys are “Fighters”. He  lets the boys know he expects them to be strong without ever explicitly having to say so.

Emotional and personal

“The only reason why, ok, I’ll probably end up shedding a tear is cause this is the last time I’m gonna end up coaching you guys.”

Humans are emotional. We give our full attention to someone who is speaking from their heart. By opening up Belisle gets his team, and the thousands of viewers to pay attention.


“We’re one of the best teams in the world. Think about that for a second. For the world!”

This is Belisles’s core message – ‘You did a good job!‘. He uses the speech to lift his team spirits, and remind them that they are important. Make your core message inspiring and you’re more likely to drive people to action.

End on a high note

“So for the last time. We’re gonna try to suck it up and we’ll going to yell American’s ok? 1.2.3 AMERICANS!”

Always start and end your speech with the strongest moments. These are the parts people will remember. Obviously it’s much easier to do this shouting technique on a baseball field than at an after dinner speech, but the principle is the same. End on your best story, or your best joke and people will still be laughing,  smiling or applauding as you take your seat.


David Belisle’s speech shows that you don’t have the be the best speaker to give a speech people will remember. You don’t even have to plan what to say in advance so long as you talk from the heart.

Create an identity for your listeners, inspire them, be open and emotional and end on a high note and your next speech might just go viral as well.


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