Fozzies bear’s eulogy for Kermit the Frog

I’m a massive Muppet fan – the kind that collects every DVD Disney releases (please release season 4 & 5!), studies muppet-wiki and watches every Muppet Christmas film, every Christmas, every year.

I was only 7 when Jim Henson died, something I still consider to be a tragedy. I would love to have  met the man who helped change the world with nothing more than foam rubber,  and a lot of laughter. 

This is Frank Oz’s eulogy for Jim Henson given at his memorial service. It is a beautiful example of everything a eulogy should be. Humorous, caring and not too respectful.

Do watch the whole thing, especially if you’ve even be captivated by the funny bear, and the slightly anxious, wavy arms frog. 


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