The complete guide to the perfect Father of the Bride Toast

It’s the day of your daughter’s wedding. Now despite what you may have heard, you’re not actually required to grant the wishes of all your friends and neighbours, but you do have to give the speech, and that can be just as demanding. You don’t have to put on an Italian accent, but you do have to say the right thing.

Father of the Bride speeches can suffer from a couple of problems. First of all it’s easy for a father to say too much. You don’t want to turn the speech into a CV. It’s also important not to be tell so many funny stories that you embarrass your daughter. And you can’t be too gushing, or too praising, or talk for too long. So what can you do? What are the tricks to writing and presenting a perfect Father of the Bride speech. Here’s the complete guide to everything you need to know to make her big day perfect.

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How to structure a Father of the Bride Speech

Bride on the Beach

By Allan Ajifo

1. Say who you are and welcome your guests

Just because you daughter adores you doesn’t mean that everyone else does. Take a moment to introduce yourself at the start of your speech. Also take this time to thank your guests, paying special attention to anyone who’s travelled a long way.

2. Talk about your daughter

Spend a few moments to tell everyone about your daughter and what makes her so special. This is your moment. You choose to be super sweet or Extra embarrassing, but do be careful to to go too far either way. Too sweet and your guests will lose interest, too embarrassing and your daughter may not talk to you for the ret of the day. Try to get a balance of the both

3 Talk about your new son-in-law

Now it’s time to welcome your new son-in-law to the family. Talk about how he and your daughter met, what they have in common, and how happy he has made here

4. Offer some words of wisdom

Pass on some wisdom about married life to your daughter and son-in-law. This can be a serious or as funny as your like. Try to tie it into something you said earlier in the speech if possible.

5. Raise a toast to the bride and groom

How to make your speech one people will remember

There are about 650 weddings a day in the UK alone. With all of those father of the bride speeches how can you make your speech compete?

1. Remember your P.O.S.E.S

This is my number 1 rule for every single speech. Keep it Personal, Original, Simple, Entertaining and Short

  • Personal – Your speech is about your daughter and your relationship with her. Stick to stories about the two of you.
  • Original – Don’t tell jokes. Especially don’t tell jokes you found on the internet. Unless you’re a professional comedian there are too many things that can go wrong. Instead, tell funny stories about you and your daughter. They’re much more likely to get a laugh.
  • Simple – Keep your speech simple. Use small words and short sentences. Think of it like you’re having a chat with your best-friend, rather than trying to impress your boss .
  • Entertaining – People want to hear what you have to say, but they’ll patience will only last so long. Keep your speech entertaining by including at least 3 stories and the’ll thank you for it.
  • Short – This is the most important thing to remember. The best Father of the Bride speeches are under 10 minutes long. The absolute best speeches are about 5 minutes. Go over 10 minutes and people will stop listening.

2. Practice

Practice your speech at least 5- 10 times before you give it. Ideally more. You should be almost able to recite it off by heart before you stand up to speak.

3. Slow down

It’s natural to speak faster when we’re nervous. That way the speech will be over faster and you can sit down again. But people are move likely to understand your speech, and therefore more likely to laugh at your jokes, if you slow down. Take a moment to pause at every punctuation mark, 1 second for a comma, 3 seconds at a full stop. This will sound weird when you’re practicing but will actually make you sound more natural when you give the speech.

Putting it all together

Your Father of the Bride speech is a big deal, but with a bit of preparation, and lots of practice, you can be the Don of your daughter’s wedding too. And, all being well, you won’t even have to kill your son-in-law before the day is over.


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