5 Steps to Superhero Public Speaking Status

You can always rely on the Huffington Post to sum things up perfectly, the annoyingly skilful buggers.

Jess Teutonico has posted 5 steps to be a superhero public status, including such gems as this one about how to reherse your speech.

“Many of us run our talks in front of our bathroom mirror over and over. Change location as much as possible. The problem with rehearsing in the same physical space over and over is that when it comes to the real thing you will probably not be doing this in your mom’s bathroom. Muscle memory is a bigger deal than you think. Every time you rehearse do it from a different location. Tell it to your dog, on your walk home from school. Ask a bunch of your friends if you can run it with them. The more you do it, and from the more places you do it from, the more it will brand into your brain. Then when it comes to showtime you just speak it from your heart.”

You can read the full article “You Had Me at Hello: 5 Steps to Superhero Public Speaking Status” here


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