Surreal Advert Recreates the Stress of Writing A Speech

Stressed out person trying to write a speech while someone drums in the background

Whether it’s for a wedding or a business conference, writing a speech can be stressful – so much so that Mercedes Benz decided to recreate the scenario in the their latest advert.

It’s pretty close to what many people might feel when they sit down at the blank computer screen and try to start writing, although most of us don’t get inspiration from a Mercedes driver just before the big moment. And personally, I don’t tend to sleep in my socks.

So how can you avoid feeling like a marching band is playing in your bedroom when there’s no benevolent chauffeur to help?

  1. Work out your theme before you start writing – You should be able to sum up your speech in a single tweet. If you can’t then it’s too complicated.
  2. Write your first draft quickly. – Getting the first draft done in one sitting take the stress out of sitting down to write a speech and also gives you something to start improving on.
  3. Remember, no first draft is perfect – something you learn very quickly when you’re a blogger. Allow your first draft to be a bad first draft. Better to have something than nothing at all.
  4. Keep it simple – Don’t write a speech that isn’t you. If you wouldn’t use a word or phrase, don’t put it in your speech.
  5. When you’re done writing, start practising – Always one of the most important things. Even the best speech can sound boring if you mumble your way through it.

And if after that you’re speech still feels like hard work then embrace the Marching Band and keep going. At least they can play you off when it’s all over.


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