Quick tip – Beat your public speaking nerves by acting crazy

Patrick Allan over at life hacker has some fun ideas about how to cure your fear of public speaking. 

Act weird.

It’s an old trick but a good one. Acting weird not only warms up your body, and our face, it also helps you to realise that you have the power over how you feel about your self. If you can act ridculous and still feel comfortable with yourself then you can probably feel comfortable in front of other people as well.

Get all of your weird out any way

Getting your weird out is fun. Stand on one leg and act like a chicken. Screw up your face and make weird expressions, Sing an annoying tune. Whatever you do make it fun and slightly crazy! If you end up laughing at yourself all the better. Then you can go out on stage knowing just how crazy you can be if you wanted to, and also knowing that you’re unlikely to be quite that crazy during your speech.

If you can’t think of anything else to do give the penguin a try

Over to you

  • What techniques do you use to stop your nerves?
  • Have you ever tried acting crazy? How did it go?

2 thoughts on “Quick tip – Beat your public speaking nerves by acting crazy

    • Hi Umes

      Excellent point. Even the best and most confident speakers have spoken about the benefit of nerves. Fortunately I’m not sure nerves ever go away completely no matter how hard you try though

      Great suggestion for a future post.


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