Huff Po’s Tips for Public Speaking

Sometimes it’s a good idea to remember Public Speaking’s not all doom and gloom.

And it’s not, It’s meant to be “fun” to stand up and speak, or at least rewarding, and I genuinely believe that a well written speech can be a joy to deliver.

But just incase that’s not enough Greg Mania at the Huffington Post has tried to remind us not to take it too all seriously with his Tips for Public speaking, including such Gem’s as:

  • Know the space – Locate the nearest exit to run out of when someone asks a question you can’t answer
  • Avoid relying on your notes too much – If you feel like you’re looking down too much just start reciting the lyrics to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”
  • Know your star sign – Because you should always be prepared to date at a moment’s notice!!! Even if you’re in the middle of a presentation!

You can read this not particularly useful, but still quite fun post, in full here – Tips for Public Speaking


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